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звезда по имени солнце

маша катя
2 March 1985
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"Two thumbs up for MC Guyver! A raucous, multi-lingual adventure heroine that will keep you on the edge of your seat." raineesue

"She posts a lot." simsinnippon

"More fun than shooting monkies in a barrel! The feel-good journal of the year... but please refrain from over-feeling." whatsmellsfishy

"There's crazy, and then there's crazy. And then there's 'Oh holy fuck, RUN! Run for your lives!"

"Always witty, never boring. and what lucky monkeys we all are." ladyjanegrey13

"Mary Catherine is to mississippi what vodka is to russia." christeenyweeny

"Bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmer." all_life_ends

"I'll go punish myself now. With knives." mugabe

"I need drugs! :) yeah... shiny..." happyaccidents

"It made me laugh out loud and now I feel like a horrible person." italkgood

"Woah, vodka and ice cream, 2 of my favorite vices. All you need to add is guys." lnz811

"MC, you can't hear well...hehe." doremimi

"When my dad didn't get tenure at Notre Dame and they didn't invite him to their annual faculty black tie function, he got all of his professor friends to come to our house the night of the function and burn nd's books. fun times. yeah.. I was just reminded of that." m00nthesea

"Congratulations! 'Practicing Russian' is the euphemism of the day!" senschuh

"If you were a young Spartan woman you could talk about wrestling naked with the boys when you were young!" gracichan

"It could soo be worse. At least, Mariah Carey didn't name her album after you." kimbro

"MC = the coolest. Period." angelw_outwings

"I love you too. In a completely sexual, non platonic way of course." molander